Skilled instructors are the heart of any martial arts school. Kim Studio's teachers love working with beginners and advanced students alike. Every class is led by a senior black belt with a decade or more of experience. 

Grandmaster James K. Roberts, Jr.—9th Dan

Grandmaster Roberts teaches 6 days a week and works closely with beginners and experienced students alike. He emphasizes strong fundamentals and brings more than 50 years in the martial arts to getting the best out of every student. More...

Rockville: Tues and Thurs 6:00pm and 7:30pm Mixed Belt, Fri 7:30pm Beginners, Sat 11:00am Mixed Belt

American University: Visit American University for details and registration.

Grandmaster Ann Roberts—8th Dan

Grandmaster Ann Roberts has trained in the martial arts since 1968 and heads the Juniors Program at Kim Studio. She has designed personal self defense classes, especially focusing on the self defense awareness needs of women. She has nurtured hundreds of junior students over more than three decades. Many of those students go on to become adult black belts. More... 

Rockville: Tues and Thurs 4:45pm Juniors

American University: Visit American University for details and registration.

Master Clarence Smith

Grandmaster Clarence Smith, Jr.—8th Dan

Master "Smittie" (as he is known to the Kim Studio family) has been training in the martial arts for more than 40 years and is familiar with many different styles. He had the honor to train with Grandmaster Ki Whang Kim for about 15 years before being promoted to 6th dan in 1993. He also holds first, second and third place winnings in heavyweight fighting and forms competitions. Martial arts is Master Smith's way of life; he will continue to pursue it while helping maintain the Kim Studio art.

Rockville: Sat 1:00pm

Christina BW.jpg

Christina Brackna—7th Dan

Christina Brackna began training with Grandmaster Roberts in 1991 at American University. Within two years she was assisting in the instruction of the Juniors at Kim Studio and has been teaching ever since. She also returns to American University each semester to assist Grandmaster Roberts with his classes there. Christina enjoys teaching the Juniors because they are the hope for the future.

Rockville: Mon 4:45pm Juniors


Marc Zifcak—7th Dan

Marc Zifcak has been training at Kim Studio since 1991. A Montgomery County Police officer since 1994, Marc has instructed classes in defensive tactics, officer safety, and personal protection for law enforcement personnel and the public. He has also assisted in teaching personal defense at the American University. Marc has also trained in Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu.

Rockville: Sat 9:30am Mixed Belts


Peter Butler—7th Dan

Peter Butler is the Senior Instructor at Kim Studio College Park. He has been training in Karate and Tae Kwon Do at Kim Studio since 1993. He received his 1st dan in 1996 and his 7th dan in 2014.  Master Butler opened Kim Studio College Park in August of 2012.  Master Butler’s classes consist of traditional training with a mix of self defense.

College Park: Mon and Wed 3:00pm and 4:00pm Juniors
Tues 6:30pm Adult Mixed Belts
Sat 10:00am Mixed Belts. Visit for current schedules.

Matt Gammon—7th Dan

Matt Gammon is a 7th degree black belt who often trains with his three children. In 2000 he was voted Kim Studio Instructor of the Year for his juniors class. Additionally, Matt teaches a self defense class at American University and is a retired a law enforcement officer for the state of Maryland.

College Park: Mon and Wed 3:00pm and 4:00pm Juniors
Mon 6:30pm Adult Mixed Belts. 
Visit for current schedules.

Hank Nicodemus

Hank Nicodemus—7th Dan

Hank Nicodemus first began training at Kim Studio in 1986 at the age of 14 and in 1999, earned the Instructor of the Year Award. In his classes, whether it be drills, forms or self defense, he emphasizes the understanding of body mechanics and body movement towards the perfection of effective technique. In addition to his martial arts training at Kim Studio, Master Nicodemus also studies empty hand and weapon based Filipino martial arts.

Rockville: Mon 6:00pm Mixed Belt and 7:30 Weapons, Pre-registration required More Info...

College Park: Filipino Weapons class last Sat of every month, 10:00am. Visit for current schedules.

John Sorensen

John Sorensen—6th Dan

John Sorensen began his martial arts training in 1990 at American University under Grand Master Roberts Jr. and received his 1st dan in 1998. As a teacher, John focuses on refining fundamentals and exploring practical applications from the forms. In addition to his training at Kim Studio, John has studied a variety of martial arts including Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu, Judo, Bagua and Hsing-i as well as Aikido and Kenjutsu while living in Japan.

College Park: Thur 6:30pm Adult Mixed Belts. Visit for current schedules.

Adam Steiner Bio Pic.jpg

Adam Steiner—5th Dan

In 1990, Adam began training during college in a school offered Aikido class and has been passionate about the martial arts ever since.  After moving around a lot and training in a number of different styles, he joined the Kim Studio family in 1998 and was awarded his 1st Dan by Grandmaster James K. Roberts, Jr. in 2000.  He started teaching classes in 2003.  As a teacher, Adam focuses on good fundamental basics and understanding the principles and body mechanics that make the techniques work.  In 2004, he earned Kim Studio's Instructor of the Year Award. Over the years, he has studied a number of martial arts including Aikido, Parker-style Kenpo, Shorin Ryu Karate, Hapkido and Hsing-i.

Rockville:  Wednesday 7:30pm Mixed Belt.

Joann Jenkins bio.jpg

JoAnn C. Jenkins—4th Dan

In 1994, JoAnn found in Kim Studio the traditional family oriented Martial Arts Program she had been looking for her sons. She soon began training along with other mothers, now known as the “Moms Club” under Grand Master James K Roberts and Master Ann Roberts.  After earning her 1st Dan, she began assisting Master Ann Roberts with the youth classes before her own training.  JoAnn progressed to her current 4th Dan, after a short hiatus following her 3rd Dan, and is now teaching Training and Youth classes. Her concentration is Building Confidence through the Basics with the philosophy that “You are never better than your basics.” These have been instilled in her through Grand Master Roberts and Grand Master Ann Roberts, for not just in Martial Arts alone, but also in life itself. 

Rockville:  Friday 4:45pm Juniors and Mixed Belts.

Hayden White—4th Dan

Hayden started training in Tang Soo Do at the age of nine under Grandmaster C.S. Kim and received his 3rd Dan from Grandmaster Roberts in 2013. For juniors, his classes focus heavily on basics, i.e. proper stances, blocks, and techniques while building up self-confidence. For adults his classes focus on sharpening existing technique. Both adults and juniors benefit from reflex sharpening exercises such as block training and free sparring.

Rockville:  Wednesday 4:45pm Juniors.